5 Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Photo Sharing Apps Like Instagram

Photo sharing apps like Instagram and EyesUP allows us to share our fun memories and remarkable experiences. In just a few clicks, you get to show the world a glimpse of your life.

But along with the easy accessibility of photo sharing apps like Instagram, we get so casual about it. We tend to forget that social media platforms are mostly open to the public. We’re so causal that we just post whatever we want, not realizing the repercussions of posting inappropriate content on our profile.

Now, what are those inappropriate content? We’ve listed 5 common things that you should never post on photo sharing apps like Instagram and EyesUP.

5 Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Photo Sharing Apps Like Instagram

We’ve listed below the 5 photos you shouldn’t post, as a quick rundown. Now, for in-depth information about each photo, scroll down for more.

  1. Event Tickets
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Money
  4. Drunken Memories
  5. Intimate Moments

#1: Event Tickets

Going to the concert of your favorite artist can be exciting, but do not post photos of event tickets before the event. Scammers can duplicate your ticket details, or even use your photo to scam other people. If you can’t help it, censor out the crucial details for lower chances of being scammed.

#2: Birth Certificate

This is common sense, but most people still do it anyway, especially with their kid’s certificates. You might think you just posted something monumental, but you’re just putting yourself and your kid at risk. Identity thieves are lurking online.

#3: Money

Posting your lavish lifestyle can be annoying to some of your online friends and followers, but you can also be targeted by scammers. Scammers are just lurking around, finding vulnerable people with cash to steal from. If you have existing photos of your wealth, it’s best to delete or put it into private for safety.

#4: Drunken Memories

Yes, you had fun at a night out, but posting about it may lead to some disastrous results. Also, you don’t want to embarrass your other friends who are also at the party. If you want to share those photos, create a group chat on messenger and send it there for the awwws and the laughs.

#5: Intimate Moments

There’s nothing sweeter than showing everyone how proud you are with your lover, but sharing too much about your partner is a no-no. No one wants to see how cuddly you are in bed— just don’t.

And there you go, the 5 photos you shouldn’t upload on photo sharing apps like Instagram or EyesUP. Are you aware already with this list or are you guilty of posting these photos? Share your story and link this entry!

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