Eyes on EyesUP: The Best Facebook Alternative for 2019?

People are always looking for greener pastures, and social media isn’t exempted from that. With different privacy issues revolving on social media giant, Facebook users are trying to find a new Facebook alternative this 2019 that could fill the social network platform’s shoes.

Thankfully, there are tons of social networking platforms that they could choose from. If you would search “social media” on google play, you’ll be introduced to so many platforms– all with different “edge” on them. There are some alternatives that mainly for messaging, while others focus on photo sharing.

On the other hand, one particular facebook alternative is buzzing this year, called EyesUP.

EyesUP: Best Facebook Alternative 2019?

EyesUP is a new social media app that aims to bring out the basics of social networking, focusing on what truly matters. Instead of putting up gimmicky features on the platform, users get to decide what features should be added on the platform.

Features of EyesUP

Have a Trendy Social Media Profile

With this facebook alternative, you can amp up your online profile even more. EyesUP lets you upload 6 profile photos. We know that social networking profiles aren’t supposed to be some sort of biodata, so we only provide a simple bio section for some brief description of yourself.

Everyone Has a Chance to Shine with EyesUP’s Discover Board

One of the challenges when using established social media apps is that the algorithm is in favor of popular or paid accounts. Simple content creators have limited visibility unless they pay for ads or collaborate with other users.

On the other hand, EyesUP aims to bring fairness into the social media game. The algorithm for this app allows every user to be featured on the discover board. It’s also filtered into 3 categories: Popular, Trending, Fresh.

Meet Friends Locally or Abroad

EyesUP caters to the user’s preferred friendship. If the user wants to meet someone abroad, the app’s messenger is always ready for voice calls and video calls.

Meanwhile, if the user wanted to meet new friends nearby, they can always use the nearby feature– when going to this tab, you’ll see the people who are nearest to you. So if you want a coffee buddy, you can simply check this tab and chat the people included on the list.

Connect with Ease Through Messenger

Get unlimited free calls, secure chats, group chat rooms, video calls, and so much more. What’s nice about this is that compared to Facebook, you won’t need to download a separate messenger just to access your messages– it’s all in the app.

More Information

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek as to what this social media app can offer, what are your thoughts? Looking forward to checking this app out? Here’s more information about this featured mobile app.

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