5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids About Social Media Platforms

Social media will always be a part of lives now. It’s no longer a fad that’s gonna be faded out soon. Existing social media platforms may end in the future, but new social platforms will emerge and replace the existing platforms.

With this in mind, parents should teach their children about social media. Your kids will never escape this, so why not teach them early on? You don’t have to give them smartphones, but just letting kids know that social media platforms exist is already a great start.

Now, along with the fundamental aspects of social networking (how to use it, what are the platforms, privacy issues), it’s essential to teach kids about the healthy habits of using social media platforms. And if you need a guide about that, we have a quick list of those social media habits.

5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids About Social Media Platforms

Below is a quick rundown, for an in-depth discussion, scroll down for more.

  • Social Media is Filtered Reality
  • Set Limits with Social Media Usage
  • Think Before Posting Anything
  • Be Selective with the Content that you Follow
  • Share More, Consume Less

#1: Social Media is Filtered Reality

Start by telling your kids that social media isn’t the pure reflection of reality. You can compare it to a photo album– where you only put up the best photos. If they already have this perspective that virtual reality is not equal to actual life, then they won’t be too affected by anything they will see on social media apps.

#2: Set Limits with Social Media Usage

If ever your kid is already a teenager and using these social media platforms, let them know the negative implications of addiction to social network apps. Instead of monitoring their phone usage and scolding them every hour, just give them something to focus on aside from their phones.

#3: Think Before Posting Anything

Let them know that once you posted anything on the internet, it’s most likely gonna stay on the internet forever. Encourage them to think thoroughly before putting any stuff on their profile. Nowadays, social media is being taken seriously and for some, they can consider your profile as a reflection of your character.

The same goes for using messenger. Your child should be wary of the things he/she send on direct messages.

#4: Be Selective with the Content that you Follow

In terms of content, go for stuff that brings in positive, productive, or entertaining content. Let your child know that there’s nothing wrong with following fun content, just be cautious and prioritize the things that would him/her grow.

#5: Share More, Consume Less

Encourage your child to share his/her talent on social media platforms. Instead of passively liking or sharing stuff from other content creators, let her post his/her creations. It can bring opportunities for him/her in the future.

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