20 Slang Words That Slayed Social Media Apps This 2019

2019 has been filled with different trends on social media apps. From weird ice-cream licking challenges up to a gamer girl selling her own bathwater, social media sure did have a lot of things to talk about.

Alongside the memes, modern vocabulary had an upgrade too, as new slang words have circulated on various social media apps. Some came from viral videos, some are from movies, and there are some that came from popular TV Shows.

Now, you might wonder about these words. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere as we’re here to present you the 20 most memorable slang words that took over social media apps this 2019.

20 Slang Words That Slayed Social Media Apps This 2019

1. Chill

A term you describe to someone or an event that’s fun and drama-free.

2. Basic

Someone who is into mainstream trends and doesn’t form his/her interests.

3. Extra

Being all-out dramatic. This is used both for negative and positive contexts.

4. Lit

A term you use to describe a fun experience.

5. On Fleek

A term you can use to describe perfection, usually used for makeup-related topics.

6. Slay

When someone is doing something impressive, they use this term.

7. Flex

When someone is bragging about something whether it’s impressive or not, they use this slang.

8. Lowkey

Liking something but not being showy about it. Opposite of Highkey.

9. Salty

Being jealous and bitter on someone.

10. Stan

Combination of words “Stalker” and “fan”. This is what you call someone who admires his/her idol to a whole new level.

11. Read

Started from the Drag Culture, it’s the term to use for sassy insults are mostly true.

12. Shook

A Millenial spin for the word “Shocked”.

13. Tea

Slang term for Gossip. On the other hand, “Sips tea” is the term you use when you’re learning about the said gossip.

14. Throwing Shade

When someone is making a passive insult to someone, they’re throwing shade.

15. Savage

A person that is good at making sassy insults and comebacks.

16. Werk it!

To give effort on certain things.

17. Snatched

A term to use when you get so impressed with someone– so much that your wig got snatched.

18. Mood

A term you use when you see a situation that’s relatable.

19. Receipts

The millennial term for “evidence”. When you’re trying to expose someone or clarify your name, you expose them by showing receipts.

20. Swerve

Slang you use when you want to get away from people or situations you don’t want to.

And there you go, the top 20 slang words for social networking and messenger platforms this 2019. Want to read more articles like this? Check our suggested reads below.

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