Does social media make relationships stronger? 5 People Weighs it in

Social media is changing the way we communicate with people. In seconds, we get to meet someone new, reunite with an old friend or connect with someone you met at a crowded forum.

And even if existing social apps are making communication convenient, new social media apps are trying to make better. Everyone’s handing out features to connect us in more ways than we can imagine: Secure chat, WiFi calls, group chat, video call, etc.

But as we scroll down through time, one might wonder– does the social network make relationships stronger? Does it bond us more or being stuck at our phones is compromising our real-life connections?

As presented from, 5 users gave their take about the effects on social media to online and real-life connections.

Here are the reasons why it does strengthen relationships and why it’s not.

Why It Makes Relationships Stronger

It helps build the friendship and comfort levels first.

“It can, if you use it in the right manner to do so. We are able to make stronger connections with those we may not be confident enough to speak with face to face at first. It helps build the friendship and the comfort levels between the two individuals. With this, making to see them in a public face to face setting easier and less stressful to endure.”

It allows Introverts to open up easier.

“Social media does allow people to make stronger connections with people overseas, right next to you and in general. Social media allows introverts to open up easier, it strengthens their interactions with others and allows them to gain confidence. It changes their body to be more powerful and helps others to see them as more confident and powerful, but as well allows them to feel more powerful and confident. Social media is a simpler and easier way to ensure that bonds remain strong over distance. It is a told that shouldn’t replace other ways but it should enhance it. Social media should give a reason to people to connect in ways that they can where as some can’t do face-to-face.”

It allows us to make stronger connections with the people around us.

“Social media allows us to make stronger connections with people around us, for from social media, people share and post stuff about them no one would have know if there wasn’t any social media around. Like on Instragram or Facebook or even twitter and many many more. A big example is what I’m doing right now.”

Why It Doesn’t Make Relationships Stronger

More people are connected to their phones than actual people.

“Around us are more people tuned into their phones. More people are connected to people on their phones, and at a distance, or with other matters, than anyone around them physically. Like in cars commuting, people are alienated from one another. Now they telecommute not only with their computers, but with their phones. Therefore less interaction physically with others. The connections with others are not stronger, they’re more impersonal. With FaceBook posts are not direct e-mail between individuals as well, they are to anyone interested accessible via the news feed.”

Nothing can replace the traditional face to face communication.

“Social media are threatening to overpower us, we use technology so much, that I’m afraid it will become something we take for granted. Actually that’s already happening. The same thing might happen with communication, although social media is a faster and easier way to communicate- it can not replace the benefits, and experience that face to face communication provides. With face to face communication, you build stronger links- and have a long-lasting relationship. Take into account how the human is more familliar with a human rather than a computer screen. Just imagine how ridiculous it sounds to be nervous around someone in person and completely comfortable talking to them on Facebook.”

Considering these thoughts from various internet users, what are your thoughts about the effects of the social network to online and real-life relationships? Do share your thoughts on the comments down below!