5 Social Media Mistakes That Could Screw your Career

Our lives completely changed the moment social media took over. Suddenly, we’re no longer slouching on the TV or busy picking up DVDs at a rental shop.

We’re still sitting somewhere though, but now with a single device that can do anything.

Because of this, social media is now considered one of the essentials to one’s identity. Anyone in their mother’s womb has a social media account. If you don’t have one, some people might consider you a nomad.

With this, some companies are doing social media investigations now with their applicants. It has become the basis for the validity of identity, as well the main character of the person. Clients are also looking at various social media profiles to get freelance talents.

5 Social Media Mistakes that Could Screw Up your Career

If you’re currently on a job hunt, client meeting, or someone simply looking for ways to boost his/her career, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid on social network apps.

#1: Not Assessing your Tagged Photos

Your photo jumping mid-air in a bikini with a bunch of guys maybe a funny memory, but that’s something you don’t want your colleagues to see. To avoid any comical mishaps with your profile, do find time to check your tagged photos. Untag yourself on embarrassing photos or hide it from your timeline.

#2: Rants About Your Job

Whether it’s about freelance clients that paid your dues behind schedule or about spending too many OTs (Overtime) in the office, posting any of that will taint your online reputation. Prospects may get turned off if you overshare details about your work, thus leaving you fewer opportunities for work and freelance gigs.

#3: Having Offensive Posts

Cancel culture is a thing, and this usually happens to internet personalities. This happens when someone is exposing a personality’s old offensive tweets or posts. This will then get a lot of traction and the personality will be hated for his/her posts that he/she had done a few years ago.

If you don’t have millions of social media followers, you wouldn’t be affected as much as a celebrity. But still, if an interviewer sees your racist post, you’re most likely wouldn’t be accepted on a job or project.

#4: Posting All About Yourself

Whether you’re working on the IT or art industry, sharing insights on your social network profile is a plus. It may be your profile, but it’s better to share learnings instead of selfies.

You should do this tip especially if you want to set your best foot forward to connections, as sharing content about your expertise will show how dedicated you are.

#5: Not Correcting Mistakes on Posts

If you’re sharing news articles, do check if its from a factual site. If you love posting writings, check your grammar and spelling. Your social media profile is a glimpse of who you are, so minor details matter too.

These are just tips, it’s up to you if you would spend time sharing jokes or spend time sharing articles. But if you want to have more opportunities in the future, polishing your profile will bring you more chances.

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