Are Social Media Platforms Bad For You?

There are tons of changes in the way we live, ever since the internet emerged. Some are good, some are bad, and most of the time, people blame social media platforms for it. 

“Everyone’s becoming anti-social!”

“Where are true meaningful relationships?”

“People are getting lazier than ever”

“Oh my god, the beauty standards are getting higher because of social media platforms!”

“Everyone’s living in a mask now…Thanks a lot, social media.”

People are quick to blame social media for everything negative that is happening with society. But come to think of it, are social media platforms the problem here? 

4 Reasons why Social Media Platforms Aren’t That Bad

Here are some of the benefits we get from social media platforms, and that why we shouldn’t think that social network apps are the bad guys.

Below is the quick rundown, and if you want to know more info, scroll down for a more in-depth explanation. 

  1. Social Media Platforms Connect People in a Faster and Easier Way
  2. Social Media became the Voice of the Masses
  3. Real-time updates with News
  4. Companies Have Better Chances to Market their Product

#1: Social Media Platforms Connect People in a Faster and Easier Way 

Remember the pre-internet times? We used to mail our messages and patiently wait for replies. Only the elite could afford telephones and cellphones, as it takes a hefty amount of prepaid load just to send messages.

But now, we’re living in an era where we can send someone a message within seconds. Do you want to communicate with anyone nearby or across the globe? Just open up a messenger app and you’re good to go. 

#2: Social Media Became the Voice of the Masses

Before, if we want to voice our opinion on certain issues, we have to physically attend rallies and events. Nowadays, you can make a stand by sharing posts, photos, and videos. Major decisions can be made through a hashtag. You attend rallies to make a stand, but having the online is making a difference too. 

#3: Real-Time News Updates

Before, we have zero clues as to what is happening around us. To get news, one must have to check newspapers or tune in to radio or TV News. Nowadays, social media platforms are now the main avenue for real-time news. 

#4: Companies Have Better Chances to Market their Product

Before the social media era, companies with big budgets are guaranteed to succeed in marketing their products. 

Traditional marketing is all about exposure– putting ads on TV, Radio, Signages. 

But because of social media, the dynamics changed.

A simple start-up can become a top brand because of a social media post. Made your video ad viral on video sharing apps? Assure to get more sales than a known brand. It’s no longer just about money. Marketing is also now focusing on social media engagement. 

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