5 Ways Social Networking Helps us in Our Daily Lives

5 Ways Social Networking Helps us in Our Daily Lives

Can you still remember life without social networking apps? Life without the Internet?

It feels so different, isn’t it?

Before, to get everything that you want, whether a piece of information or form of entertainment, you need to access different avenues.

  • Books for Information.
  • Television/Cinema for shows and movies.
  • Telephone/ Cellular Texts to connect with someone.
  • Photo Studios to take and print photos.
  • Gaming consoles or arcades to play video games.

But when smartphones and social media apps came into the picture, everything went different.

Now, we have everything we wanted in such a small device. Because of its global popularity, it affected businesses. DVD rental shops closed down. Photo film printing services lost the majority of its customers. It’s a bittersweet feat.

And it doesn’t stop there, social networking apps became a major part of our lives since then. Nowadays, there’s isn’t a day where you don’t check your phone. Everything is now posted online.

With that, here are the different ways social media is helping us in our lives:

1. We get the latest news in Social Networking Apps

With social media, you can the latest buzz minutes after the news/announcement is released. No need to wait in the morning newspaper or the evening news. This is why newspapers, in all honesty, is a thing of the past now. With this, publishing companies are going online too, some are even offering a subscription to their premium articles.

2. Everyone has a chance at Marketing their Products

Back in the day, companies only need tons of money to get their products to reach their target consumers. Pay the TV network to get a slot. Contact Radio Management for ads. Pay the publishing company for a spread. Rent billboard signages. Hire a celebrity to endorse it. Just do all of that and you’re all set.

Now in the digital times, it’s not going to work that way anymore. More and more people are busy checking their phones than seeing a TV show, billboard or magazine.

When social network apps started rolling in the ads, it’s no longer just the money– having a well-discussed strategy is essential now. Big-shot companies can no longer dominate the marketing game as startups are bringing it on.

3. We can connect with someone in seconds

The way of communication changed the moment the internet is launched. Within seconds, you can send someone a message, or even communicate them in person through existing and new social media apps. The features of online messenger apps also change through time. Now there’s video calling, file sharing, and secure chat.

4. The public has now a voice to raise issues

Before, the masses don’t have a say about the current issues, especially with government-related ones. If people want to make a stand, they will need to go out and physically be in a rally, event or press-con. But nowadays, even a simple hashtag can make all the difference.

5. We get Entertainment Right in our Fingertips

Remember when you need to get out just to watch a movie? Or those days where you need to be at a certain schedule for a show release? You even have to wait for the commercial just to take the bathroom, since you can’t replay anything.

But now, we have all the content right at our fingertips. Social networking apps brought thousands of content creators around the globe, to give us content that would make us laugh, cry and get inspired.

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