6 Trending Photo Ideas to Post on your Social Networking Apps

When thinking of new content to post on your social networking platforms, it’s normal to get stuck at times. Especially if you’re starting our with your social media presence, this can be tough.

There are days where you seem to have all the material in hand but you’re not sure about what to shoot and what to share with your followers.

No worries with that though, no need to chat your friend on messenger for ideas. Here are some content ideas that work best for social networking apps. Post these types of content to get more engagement on your social network profile.

6 Trending Content Ideas to Post on your Social Networking Apps

Here’s a quick rundown of the content ideas. For further discussion, scroll down for more.

  1. Something Relatable
  2. Events
  3. Travel Shots
  4. Portraits
  5. Throwback Pictures
  6. Your Talent

#1: Something Relatable

If you want to get more engagement, this is a good type of content to share with. It doesn’t have to be that mundane– you don’t need to share your thoughts about “washing dishes”.

It could be the experiences of adulting, commuting blues, and other interesting things that people can relate to. Add some humor to your content and you’re all set.

#2: Events

Sharing some candid shots of the recent event you are a nice addition to your social network profile. Do this especially if you went to a trending or exclusive event since people are most likely searching about it.

#3: Travel Shots

Everyone’s aiming to become a #wanderlust nowadays, which makes traveling shots trending most of the time. With this, it’s a great time to share your travel experiences.

It’s also better to share some tips when traveling to certain places. This will make people follow your social networking profile even more since they’re getting some substantial information.

#4: Portraits

Nowadays, everyone’s doing photo shoots. It’s becoming a norm that most establishments are making their places “insta-worthy” to attract the millenial folks.

#5: Throwback Photos

Sharing significant throwback photos is good if you want to attract more people to follow you since sharing something the past brings more authenticity. It’s also getting people to like your content especially if the content sparks nostalgia for them too (e.g. a picture of you playing 90s dolls).

#6: Your Talent

Have a talent for singing, acting, dancing, painting, etc? Share it with your social network platforms. The internet world is filled with opportunities for people with talent. Who knows? Your song cover might bring you a record deal.

And there you go, the 6 trending content ideas to post your social networking apps. If you want more reads like this, check out other articles below:

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